Activities and Projects with CC LAB’s “new business ideas” and “know-how”

Thanks to a network agreement, CC LAB has supported the Mito Group in its marketing, strategic communication and event organisation activities by providing its know-how

The strategic consultancy service that CC LAB has provided over the years to the Mito Group, an Italian partner company in Let’s Network, has allowed the Group itself to carry out marketing, communication and event organisation activities, through which it has been possible to implement important projects with other Italian companies.

The management “Know-how” and skills CC LAB has made available to the Mito Group, have made it possible for the Group to advise its own client companies, providing content, products and services in various areas, such as marketing, communication, social media/digital marketing, business digitisation and public relations, as well as help with conceiving and organising events.

With this in mind, CC LAB has accompanied the Mito Group in the development and implementation of individual projects, with a view to “new business ideas”, adding its professionalism to that of members of the corporate team.

From editorial to social media, to press office, graphics, website design and programming activities, up to event organisation and press conferences,

CC LAB has provided the Mito Group with strategic and operational support, under a networking and joint work logic, to put in place important projects for national and international brands, industry leaders, start-ups, institutions and bodies.